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About Us

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Crocodile River Pools Safaris 

Crocodile Pools River Safaris was established in November 2018 and is the only boat safari opportunity available in Southern Botswana.  The company’s formation  was inspired by Mike Brooks first, 2011 book entitled Crocodile Pools Botswana – History & Biodiversity.


Our services are river cruises, a deck café overlooking the Notwane River,  and a venue for event photography, wedding shoots etc.  We operate boat cruises every morning and afternoon of the week, except Mondays.  

A boat tour of a majestic 4km stretch of the Notwane River will provide you with a unique wildlife photographic experience. 

Cruises are typically 1.5 hours long. Visit our Facebook page crocpoolssafaris to find out more. Enjoy a snack and drink at our riverside café. We do finger food platters on the boats and also cater for sit down meals on demand at our outdoor cafe. We also have a full drinks selection . 

About us
Our Wildlife


The Crocodile Pools and Notwane areas are of particular interest to ornithologists.  The different combined habitat types make the area one of the best bird-watching sites in Botswana.  229 (about 40%) out of a possible 593 total bird species in Botswana occur in the general area either as residents or migrants. The range of bird species in the Notwane area is diverse since habitats provided - high and low woodland, rocky kopjes, river-side woodland, riverine forest , river Islands, lakeshores and reed swamps are favorable for numerous species, many of which breed throughout the year.


Please Note: There is a P75  entrance fee for non-boat users , and please,
no food or drinks to be brought in from outside the premises 

Crocpools Cafe


The Notwane Dam is home to Kudu, Bush Buck, Impala, Waterbuck,  Brown Hyaena, Black backed Jackals, Grey Duiker, Vervet monkeys, Chacma Baboons, Lesser Bushbaby, Leopards, Warthogs, Aardwolf, Scrub Hare, Porcupine, Slender and Dwarf Mongoose and Ground Squirrels.



The Notwane Dam and surrounding area is home to numerous reptiles, mostly snakes and lizards. It also provides a suitable habitat for the four largest reptiles in Botswana, namely, the Nile crocodile, Water monitor lizard, Rock monitor lizard and the Southern African python. 

The Anglo – Boer War, 1899 to 1902

The Tswanas, British Imperial Colonialists and Rhodesian armies fought the South African Boer farmer regiments at the battle of Crocodile Pools in the year 1900. Many battles took place in the hills and along the railway line, in the Crocodile Pools and Notwane area, which was of great strategic military importance to the outcome of the war generally.  The winning of the Battle of Crocodile Pools by the Tswanas enabled the end of the Boer’s 217 days siege of Mafikeng when it was freed by British forces on 17th May, 1900.

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