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Bird / Wildlife Photography

The Crocodile Pools and Notwane areas are of particular interest to ornithologists.  The different combined habitat types make the area one of the best bird-watching sites in Botswana.  229 (about 40%) out of a possible 593 total bird species in Botswana occur in the general area either as residents or migrants. The range of bird species in the Notwane area is diverse since habitats provided - high and low woodland, rocky kopjes, river-side woodland, riverine forest , river Islands, lakeshores and reed swamps are favorable for numerous species, many of which breed throughout the year.Eight of the nine Herons found in Botswana are to be seen on the dam and along the riverine forest which backs up to Ramotswa. Six of the nine kingfisher species found in Botswana can be seen at Notwane. But when the dam water levels are low, many more wading species flock to the area including flamingo pelican, black winged stilt, open-bill stork, yellow-billed stork and the African spoonbill.The Notwane Dam is home to Kudu, Bush Buck, Impala, Waterbuck,  Brown Hyaena, Black backed Jackals, Grey Duiker, Vervet monkeys, Chacma Baboons, Lesser Bushbaby, Leopards, Warthogs, Aardwolf, Scrub Hare, Porcupine, Slender and Dwarf Mongoose and Ground Squirrels. The flying mammals are the bats which are very common in summer and autumn.  Both Cape Serotine and Yellow House species are present.We are also home to the  Nile crocodile, Water monitor lizard, Rock monitor lizard and the Southern African python. 

Goliath heron 15.JPG
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